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We offer both certified courses and tailor made workshops to individuals and corporate teams. Sign up for any of our upcoming workshops or contact us for your specific needs.


Certified course

Usui Reiki

Reiki energy heals at physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It compliments modern medicine and all other therapies. It is safe to use and can be learnt by anyone. Once attuned, you become a Reiki channel for life. 

1 day Workshop 


Certified course

Mandala Art Therapy

Learning to draw a Mandala is not merely an art, but is also a source of healing. You can use this mindfulness practice to shift areas such as relationships, financial reality, health, career, business and spiritual work. It is a lifelong skill that is fun and creative. 

3 Hour Workshop

Some TLC please.jpg

Whatsapp program

Some TLC please

Some Tender Loving Care please is a signature workshop that we have designed to work on self-love. We offer this over Whatsapp over 21 days. The program includes audio lessons, questions, exercises and meditation to bring about awareness and build the muscles through practice, one day at a time. 

21 Day self paced program

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