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About Us

Being Light is a Coaching and Wellness service, focused on high impact transformation leading to overall well being. 

We play the role of a catalyst in your journey of Self Mastery. Our forte lies in delivering high impact transformation by partnering with our clients. Started in 2015, as The Happy Circles, we have been working with hundreds of clients from across the globe. 

Our values are trust, compassion, deep listening, connection and joy.

We believe that change begins with us. Hence, we constantly invest in learning and doing inner work on ourselves.


Why work with us?

Trained experts: Associate Certified Coach by International Coaching Federation, certified Yoga Instructors by S-VYASA, Reiki Grandmasters, trained Hypnotherapists, Bach flower practitioner

Scientific mindset: With a PGDM degree from IIM Bangalore and engineering degrees from VTU, we have a natural scientific temper

Corporate experience: Over 20 years of total work experience in the Tata group, IT sector and alternate education sector. We understand the needs of working professionals and stressed out entrepreneurs

Learning edge: We have trained in over 20 different modalities, with over 500+ hours of training. And we continue to add relevant skills and certifications to stay updated


A coach, healer, mom, traveler, Mandala artist and photographer. She likes to create her life beyond definitions and limitations.

Once a corporate professional who managed leading brands and large sales teams, she now works with a select group of people to bring about high impact transformation. As a change catalyst and certified coach, she helps high achievers and dreamers create lives they desire. 

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Kind, fun loving, free spirited energy healer, who was once a techie. Forever seeking possibilities and having a sense of wonder, it is no coincidence that she loves working with children. She has donned various roles as a software engineer, alternative educator, yoga teacher and now as an entrepreneur. She dreams of building a world where people are always joyful and have a child like wonder. 

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