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Akashic Record Reading & Healing

An intuitive reading where you receive guidance and healing from your own Akashic records on key questions about your life, career, relationships, health, spirituality, finances, past lives, the future and more 

Client Testimonials

SS, India

The reading has given me clarity on many things which were hidden from me. It has helped me in connecting the dots and understanding the overall picture.This was a very profound experience for me and I feel something which might change the course of my life.

Deepti, Social Entrepreneur

It was very insigntful. I made a great connect with what was read out. It felt like I already knew many of the things being read out and the Akashic reading was a reiteration and reassurance. I mean to say it felt so relatable.

VinRav, Businessman

My thoughts which were murky, got clear after the reading with Thejasvi. Got a few answers to my past lives, which was interesting information

Vandana, Bangalore

Thejasvi's reading gave me whole new perspective on my life, and opened me up to possibilities that I hadn't seen before.

Dr Divya, India

I am eternally grateful to Thejasvi ji. The session was truly beautiful and offered many other realms of understandings about myself, my life and my path. Thank you very much.

Karthika, Businesswoman

Its was surprisingly accurate. I got a lot of insights about the life pathways and more importantly i got to know who my spirit guide was

Radhika, Bengaluru

The Akashik record reading session with Thejasvi has helped me understand the root cause of the limiting patterns that I was struggling with. She also suggested a few practices to overcome the pattern. After the reading I felt clousure on few things and felt peaceful. Thankyou Thejasvi!

Renita, Bengaluru

The reading described a clear picture of what my life is like and what to expect in the future. I have better clarity on how to deal with the circumstances that come my way.

Sampath, IT Engineer

It helped me understand my current life better and what am going through and why!! Tejasvi was to the point in conveying and helpful advising next steps.

Apoorva J, Bangalore

I had my first Akashic record reading with Thejasvi, which was an amazing experience. Her warm and welcoming approach made me feel connected as she answered my questions and provided guidance on clearing blockages. I enjoyed learning about past life connections and gaining clarity on steps to improve my future. The session helped me focus on taking actions to clear current confusion. Thank you, Thejasvi, for this wonderful experience. I'm excited for more sessions in the future and highly recommend her Akashic record readings to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about the Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records?

This is the record of your soul imprint from the moment it emerged from the Source (God). Each soul goes through many lifetimes as mineral, plant, animal and human. Every thought, action and intent of the soul is recorded in the Akasha (Ether element) under the soul’s identity as a separate Akashic Record.

Just like the internet with blockchain technology, the untampered record can be accessed anywhere and anytime, without limitation of time or space.

Judge not, resist not, fear not – are the core principles of the Records. Guidance is given in a gentle, nonjudgmental manner that is meaningful for the owner (client who is seeking a reading). 

The Records are guarded by a specific realm of light beings called the Guides and Keepers of the Akashic Records. They ensure the sanctity of the Records are maintained. The most important rule is the free will of the owner of the Records is to be honored. 

How are the Records accessed?

Akashic Record reading is an intuitive process of accessing information from a super-conscious realm, with the permission of the owner of the records. 

A reader initiated into this process of accessing the records receives information from the Guides in the form of visuals, words or knowing.

The reader acts as a messenger between the Records and the owner.

Can the Records predict the future?

While the future is not fully predictable as it depends on the choices being made at every moment, a general probability of future events is possible to share at a given point in time.

Timeline and exact outcome are not guaranteed. There is no sense of time in other dimensions. An event may happen earlier or later than the time estimated.

At times, the Guides may choose to remain silent as the answer is not meant to be shown. You may ask a different question or trust that you are being told what is necessary at this point in time.

Use your discretion and free will to choose what to implement or not, post the session.

How do I prepare for the reading?

You can keep a set of questions ready before the reading. 

It is suggested to keep the questions open ended instead of close ended (yes or no). Guides do not interfere in the free will of anyone by suggesting which choice is to be made.

It is recommended that there are no disturbances or loud noises during the reading.

Unlike a coaching or counselling session where you need to share your context or problems, that is not advised in an Akashic reading. 

Keep your questions brief and listen with an open heart during the session.

You may ask questions related to yourself. But any questions about your children or partner or family member cannot be answered as their record needs to be accessed for the same. Questions related to family maybe restricted to the role you can play in their life

Readings cannot be done for children below 18 years of age. For grown up children, the reading would be done only in their presence.

What happens during the reading? 

Typical flow of the readings is like this: 

General information that is being given by the Guides is shared first. Then questions maybe asked. Expect silence from the reader's end whenever information is being sought.

Typical questions are around the areas of finances, life purpose, health, relationships, career and past lives. 

Two things happen in the readings:

1. Awareness and insights - You get to understand the source of your current challenges (current or past life, ancestral lineage) and also get new perspectives (through metaphors or non judgmental perspective)

2. Healing - Guides may show the actions you need to perform to overcome the challenges and also, they may work on you directly to delete programs that are limiting you in any way. The latter is an experiential solution that happens in real time, the effects of which will seed into your reality post the call. 


In addition to your own questions, the Guides may indicate aspects of your life that need attention. 

The readings are not to be used as a substitute for seeking medical advice.

Logistics of the reading

All readings are done live over an audio call.

A calendar link will be shared for you to pick a time that works for you. 

Average call duration is for 45 minutes.

Share your full legal name (latest name if you have changed names, expand all initials) and your pet name (as called by friends, family; multiple names can be shared if you have many) in the booking link. 

Make the payment as indicated via GPay.

You will receive a call over phone or Whatsapp at the time chosen by you. 

You may take down notes as the calls are not recorded.

All readings are confidential in nature. No records of the readings are maintained by us. We do not disclose the content of the session with anyone. 

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