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Holistic Healing

Personalized healing journeys based on your unique needs for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Work on the root cause of your life challenges and build your system for holistic healing. 

What is holistic healing?

Healing means to become whole again. It comes from the root word haelan, which means the condition of being hal or whole. 

What needs to become whole? It is mostly our self identity or ego that takes on negative impressions in one lifetime or over multiple lifetimes. Our thoughts, emotions and body need to realize the true nature of our Being, in order to slowly regain the wholeness that we truly are. 

Two powerful Universal truth underlie all Holistic Healing modalities. 

1. Everything in the Universe is connected. As a result of this, we can heal over the distance (across different geographic locations) or timelines (past, present, future)

2. Everything is Energy, some of which is manifested as matter. By working with the energy, we can observe change at the material plane as well. 

There are several alternative practices inspired by Nature, that can be useful in this journey towards becoming whole again. You can experience them first hand and choose what works best for you. 

Who can benefit from it? 

We have worked with people of all age groups, animals and spaces too!

Whether the person has faith in alternative healing or not, the healing works. Having said that, we have observed that faith adds to the effectiveness of the process, as there is already an openness to new possibilities in the person's mind. Another important factor is the law of Free Will, which means each soul gets to choose for themself. Even the Divine cannot intervene in one's free will. Any healing work would require the consent of the concerned person or their parents, in the case of minor children or pets. 

Given our training and experience with over twenty different modalities in over two decades, we can be your guides and simplify this journey for you. 

What are the use cases for Healing? 

Healing can work on several areas of life - physical ailments, mental health challenges, financial issues, career or business, pet health and to change the energy of one's land or home or offices. 

Often, people choose alternative healing as a last resort when conventional treatments have failed. Or they may choose it to supplement medical treatments. 

What does the process look like? 

Book a consultation with us. We will take a detailed history of your issue. 

Based on our experience of different paths to healing, we will design one that suits your needs the best. Basis your comfort and readiness, you can give your consent to the solution provided. 

Depending on the issue at hand and your location, we may suggest a combination of in person healing, distant healing, online sessions, learning the tool yourself and regular self work practices. 

Healing is a process and not a one time event. You would experience relaxation and inner shift from the first session itself. However, complete resolution takes time. It could vary from few days to few weeks or months to achieve the full results. 

Faith, patience and grit are powerful allies in the process. 

What modalities do you work with?

Some of the modalities we have trained in and use with our clients are: 

  • Reiki

  • Distance healing

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Past Life Regression

  • Bach Flower Remedies

  • Tissue Salts

  • Akashic records

  • Access Bars

  • Access Body Process

  • Redikall healing

  • NLP

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Pranayama or Breathwork

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Vipassana meditation

  • Mandala art therapy

  • Crystal healing

  • Chakra healing

  • Angelic healing

  • Tarot 

  • Journaling 


Client Testimonials

Thank you for helping me learn about myself through your thoughtful questions that were systematically designed. Which eventually led to action plans. Next time I make any plan, I'll consider factors like happiness, positive feedback loop and unwinding for my tender loving care. Thank you for taking time and effort to show me how important I am to myself and the world around me.

Ashwini, USA

I have been a patient care giver to everyone. Now, I feel I need to learn to take care of myself too.

Jayanti, ex Indian Railways professional

The Happy Circles' Daily Habits programme on Whatsapp is short, but deeply affirming. The experience of the Daily Habits programme has much to do with Thejasvi and Niveditha's deft handling of the medium of Whatsapp, supporting and encouraging us while carefully circumventing its ever-presence...What make the tools magical is that they are simple, easy to use anywhere, and consist of an activity with a small learning curve, making you eager to try them out...I now use many of the tools every day, quite simply because they are easy to use, and ... they work. They don't feel like another item on my to-do list, they really do make me feel lighter. More cheerful. And for this reason alone, I encourage everyone reading this to try it. A single week of this seemingly simple Whatsapp group and you will certainly feel different in a good way - even if, like me, you are unable to explain why.

Vikas, R&D Leader

Thank you Thejasvi and Niveditha for a lot of reflection, self pampering without guilt. The questions were carefully chosen and required self time and concentration. There are times I revisited the previous questions and sat with it...I regained my habit of journaling which hope to continue.

Poornima, Bangalore

It is really therapeutic listening to your voice. That alone is an element of calm and soothing.

Deepa, Germany

I was going through testing times with my newborn preterm baby. My 2 month old baby developed a small clot in her brain. I was emotionally very down at that moment and was desperately thinking about what can I do to make things better. That is exactly when I saw a FB post from Thejasvi about Reiki distance healing. Within a few minutes, I texted her and the next day I spoke to her. She assured me that kids receive healing very well and that distance healing can be done. Since then the clot size has reduced significantly. Baby's health is good. Whenever I sense any health problem, I get in touch with Thejasvi. She is quick to respond and send Reiki. Not just this, she has been of great help when I need emotional support. Thank you so much for all your help and support for my daughter.

Deepti, Hyderabad

This was a fantastic journey for me. I have learnt a lot about myself and still continue that journey. I refer to all your messages. thanks a lot for your wonderful guidance.

Sangeetha, Corporate professional

The retreat was a wonderfully facilitated program! Every experience was new to me, be it camping or the learning tools! After the Bars session, I could feel my thoughts being frozen and I was engrossed in the activities completely. (Even now, in) every situation I try to apply the tools and see the difference in my thought process and possibilities opening up. Thank you Niveditha and team.

Santosh Laxmi, IT Professional

I always wanted to get the energy levels of our house checked... Thejasvi was very patient and attentive to our requirements... She gave me the correct analysis and answers

Vinayak, Business owner

You are doing a very good program. Many times we forget to care for ourselves. You took our thoughts in a different way of thinking. I started caring for myself. I am working on my thoughts. Really excited. Thank you for doing such an interesting program

Pallavi, Mumbai

I felt it is too good, very informative, topics selection was beautiful and interesting...I have committed to love myself more and more, care for my health, continue my habit of reading, start thinking more positively, leave out negativity and lastly start writing. Finally, I thank you and waiting eagerly for the next program.

Gita, Retired Banker

An experience like no other. I could feel energies around me more clearly for the first time. Both Teju & Niveditha made me really comfortable

Nisha, Entrepreneur

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