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The International Coaching Federation defines Coaching as "a thought-provoking and creative partnership that inspires clients to maximize their personal and professional potential, often unlocking previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership."


Coaching is a conversation that happens between you and a Coach, as a tool of growth. It is a dialogue that is effective, as it leads to better awareness and urges you towards taking action. Often times, you may find yourself grappling with a situation, that at first seems insurmountable. Through this dialogue which may happen over one or more sessions, you will draw upon the resources within yourself, to progress. A coach is a catalyst on your journey towards your goal.  

Let us also highlight what coaching is not.

  • Coaching is not so much about the solutions, as it is about having better clarity in a given situation, so that you can progress. 

  • Coaching is not about the coach giving you solutions. You may come up with the solution yourself, as the knowing is there within you.

  • Coaching is not about mentorship. A mentor is usually an expert in your field, whereas a coach need not be an expert.  

  • Coaching is not therapy, as it doesn't delve deep into the past. It is from the here and now and the way ahead. 

Common FAQs:

What are some of the problems that can be addressed through coaching?

Anything that you have defined as a problem right now, can be addressed through coaching. It may be personal or professional issues. It could be a long term or short term goal. Some examples could be: I have an issue with my manager at work; I do not know what to do next in my career; I am gunning for the post of Vice President and I need some help; I am going through a financial crisis and I can't see a way out; I wish to get fitter but I have failed in the past; I would like to improve my relationship with my son

Why choose Being Light? 

We are trained coaches with over a decade of corporate experience. We draw upon our experience and skills to make the coaching process effective. 

How long does coaching take?

A coaching session lasts between half an hour to an hour. Depending upon the needs and goals of the client, the coaching contract may last between days to months. The frequency is mutually agreed upon. It is important for the behaviour changes that have been agreed upon, to be put into action. Hence there is a gap of days to weeks between sessions. 

Where do these sessions happen?

Coaching can be done in person or online, through voice or video calls. 

What about confidentiality? 

We take confidentiality seriously. We sign a contract at the beginning of our engagement that will assure you of the same. You need not divulge any of the personal information or details, if you are not comfortable. 


"First, I would like to thank you for the wonderful Coaching session I had  with you and it really helped me to come up with answers to some of the important questions I need to answer before plunging into my new avatar.

The coaching engagement really created a long lasting impact, with a much clearer perspective of various choices I had and I was able to clearly pick up the best choice immediately after your coaching or even as you were in the process. The engagement helped to zero in on my choice of first action, when I start my business and also gave me the confidence that I could do it very well. Though I was confident on that, still the exercises in the coaching session made it even clearer. The exercises and the framework you provided for the coaching sessions made things much easier for me to arrive at decisions much faster, I liked the exercise we did which clearly helped to make  the choice I had to make very clearer.

Your coaching approach is practical, highly impactful in just 3 sessions and I am sure that many should benefit from your coaching.

- VMAK, Commercial Lead, Mumbai

"Thejasvi has demonstrated a consistent ability to listen and facilitate clarity regarding what I'm seeking. I've always walked away from every conversation with a much better understanding of what could be holding me back from my goals and also with a deeper understanding of what i could do to move forward...She has a comforting presence that allows me to share and explore my current reality without a feeling of judgement. Regardless of what I bring into the discussion she gives every matter the same level of attention and dedication. It is this non-judgmental and engaging presence, which facilitates great conversations and facilitates personal insights. Her experience with alternate counselling methods has added great value to her overall presence and to her ability to have engaging conversations"

- Raj (Senior HR leader)

"After completing couple of months of coaching engagement with her, I found her to be soft spoken & trustworthy. She created an environment to discuss various topics. Her questioning & probing skills helped me introspect and untangle my thoughts. She enabled me to think through and resolve issues which though critical where lingering for some time. I must say that in a short span of time, I have achieved a lot. Thank You Thejasvi! I would recommend her as a coach to anyone looking for help through coaching!"


- Santosh (Director, Synopsis) 

"I feel awed by her level of patience and how she actually heard those keywords that led her to decide what I need to be coached about when I myself was overwhelmed with myriad of things... Her entire style where she was just the catalyst in the process with minimal involvement and how an individual is made aware of parts of their personality by themselves set it (the coaching session) apart. :) I really benefited from her session."

- Sanchita, Businesswoman




Get in touch with us at: or +91-8073728478 to schedule an exploratory session. 


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