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Usui Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality, discovered by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. 

Reiki is derived from the Japanese words 'Rei' meaning Universe or God and 'Ki' meaning Energy. Reiki is the energy that flows from Higher Consciousness and pervades all of creation. 

While the Universal Energy is present in all of us, then why do we need to learn Reiki? That is a valid question. 

As we grow up, we pick up energies and lock them into our aura, which leads to blocks and reduced Reiki flow through us. Imagine your body to be like a tap which is clogged, due to disuse or misuse. During a Reiki class, one gets attuned to Reiki, which means the blocks are cleared and once again, your body becomes a channel for the Reiki energy to flow. 

There are 4 levels of Reiki class, each class being one day long. 

Reiki Level 1 - teaches you to heal yourself and others by touch

Reiki Level 2 - teaches you Reiki symbols and distant healing, by which you can heal others who may be physically present in a different place or country

Reiki Level 3 - teaches you more Reiki techniques and additional symbols and is said to be 40 times more powerful than Level 1

Reiki Grand Master - teaches you additional symbols, the attunement process and you get to teach Reiki to others

We heal our clients in person as well as over distance. We teach all these levels of Reiki too. 

Reiki is very safe and helps you heal multiple areas of your life - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Regular Reiki practice helps you live a happy, healthy and peaceful life. 

Mode of Delivery: Session: In person or Over Distance | Class: In person

Duration: Session varies between half hour to one hour | Class is one day per level

I was going through testing times with my newborn preterm baby. My 2 month old baby developed a small clot in her brain. I was emotionally very down at that moment and was desperately thinking about what can I do to make things better. That is exactly when I saw a FB post from Thejasvi about Reiki distance healing. Within a few minutes, I texted her and the next day I spoke to her. She assured me that kids receive healing very well and that distance healing can be done. Since then the clot size has reduced significantly. Baby's health is good. Whenever I sense any health problem, I get in touch with Thejasvi. She is quick to respond and send Reiki. Not just this, she has been of great help when I need emotional support. Thank you so much for all your help and support for my daughter. 

- Deepti

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