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Some Tender Loving Care, please

What's the intent?

Very often, we are battling with ourselves and our environment, as a result of which our self love takes a hit. We put ourselves last and the responsibilities on top of the list. Many of our battles can be won if we work on our self-love. We can be more resilient, present and effective in our life, by amping up our level of self love. Easier said than done.

That is the reason we have put together a 21 day program to help you increase your self-love through heightened awareness, easy actions and new behaviour. It is said that a new habit is formed if the act is repeated at least for 21 days. 

You will feel the difference from the very first day. That is our promise. Over a hundred people have benefited from this life changing program.

How does the program work?

  1. You sign up for the program 

  2. You will receive an audio recording every morning on the day's question to evoke awareness for you.

  3. There are activities such as pragmatic tools, meditation that would help you achieve your goal. 

  4. You can spend time on this at your own pace during the day.

  5. You get a coaching session with us once during the program to address your challenge and change course if required. 


I felt it is too good, very informative, topics selection was beautiful and interesting...I have committed to love myself more and more, care for my health, continue my habit of reading, start thinking more positively, leave out negativity and lastly start writing. Finally, I thank you and waiting eagerly for the next program. 

- Gita, ex Banker, Bangalore 


Thank you for helping me learn about myself through your thoughtful questions that were systematically designed. Which eventually led to action plans. Next time I make any plan, I'll consider factors like happiness, positive feedback loop and unwinding for my tender loving care. Thank you for taking time and effort to show me how important I am to myself and the world around me. 

-Ashwini, Social sector professional, Mumbai

Thank you Thejasvi and Niveditha for a lot of reflection, self pampering without guilt. The questions were carefully chosen and required self time and concentration. There are times I revisited the previous questions and sat with it...I regained my habit of journaling which hope to continue. 

- Poornima, Bangalore

This was a fantastic journey for me. I have learnt a lot about myself and still continue that journey. I refer to all your messages. thanks a lot for your wonderful guidance. 

- Sangeetha, Corporate professional, Bangalore

You are doing a very good program. Many times we forget to care for ourselves. You took our thoughts in a different way of thinking. I started caring for myself. I am working on my thoughts. Really excited. Thank you for doing such an interesting program

- Pallavi, Mumbai 

I have been a patient care giver to everyone. Now, I feel I need to learn to take care of myself too. 

- Jayanthi, retired from Indian Railways

It is really therapeutic listening to your voice. That alone is an element of calm and soothing. 

- Deepa, Lawyer, Germany

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