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Mandala Art Therapy

Mandala means Circle in Sanskrit. It is a circular and symmetric design created with various materials for the purpose of praying and meditation. 

Creating art pieces activates our sub-conscious mind. This is a form of therapy as it heals the mental patterns that control our behaviour. Holding an intent and starting the mandala takes you through a meditative state. In this state of relaxation, you trigger the process of healing. It can be a means of overcoming stress too. 

It does not matter how artful you are. The process of putting the pen to paper and being in the state of flow is all that matters. 

We offer workshop to get you started with the basic tools of drawing Mandala. You will be able to practise on your own and create Mandalas for various issues you would like to work on.

Even children benefit from this art form, as it helps them concentrate and get creative.

Mode of Delivery: In person or Online

Duration: 3 hours

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