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The Geek and the Healer

I wrote this poem many moons ago, during a workshop, when the facilitator asked us to write a poem about ourselves in under ten minutes. I would never have attempted to write a poem otherwise. 

The Geek and the Healer 

Meet the girl from Bengaluru

One part Geek and another Healer

The Geek in her made her climb the ladder

‘Slow down, there is nothing up there’, said the Healer

‘Read more books, sign up for yet another course’, said the Geek

‘Remain silent, do Yoga, play with your little one’, said the Healer 

The Geek was busy with all the hustling and worrying

‘Relax. There is nothing to fear’, whispered the Healer

For the longest time, the Geek had her say

While the Healer stood like a rock behind her

Yet another day in the life of 

the Geek and the Healer

This poem is a glimpse into the conflict I was dealing with for over two decades. That is when the Healer entered into my life, in the form of my Reiki class. Until then I was a sworn Geek. 

I remember how the experiences I started having post my Reiki attunement were surreal. Synchronicities and plenty of beautiful experiences were commonplace, in addition to the pain that would come up to be healed every now and then. 

Yet, it has taken me such a long time to own up that part of me, which has shaped me into who I am today. It has been hard for me to give the Healer the rightful acknowledgement, especially in the professional world. 

When I first started out on this path, it was not so easy to open up about my work as a Healer, as I did not find others in my peer groups pursuing this path. Also, the conversation would stop when I mentioned the H word with family and friends. 

Like many others here, I have grown up in a world that values intellect and downplays anything spiritual as woo-woo. My rational mind was also seeking scientific evidence behind all the experiences and results I was witnessing as a Healer. 

Deep down, I held this belief that I need to choose to be ‘either’ a Geek or a Healer. Thanks to the younger generation (with their side hustles and creative titles), I am now easing into the concept of ‘and’ identity. I can play the dual roles of a Healer and a Geek. 

I have finally turned a page with regards to this conflict. I feel the need to embrace both my identities as both have their strengths. 

The Geek has made me ask questions, use reason, use caution, filter out quackery, seek repeatability and measure outcomes with objectivity. 

The Healer has made me go inwards, be open to possibilities, stay curious about the world beyond our senses, pursue joy, peace and love and treat all of creation as Whole and sacred. 

This unique lived experience of mine has been an invitation to many people who are looking for credibility in the world of healing. Finally, I am able to see the gift in this struggle. 

What part of you is calling out to be embraced? 

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