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Can I get stuck in a past life, if I go for Past Life Regression?

I am curious to see my past life, but what if I get stuck there? 

Believe it or not, this is a frequently asked question. The answer is no, there is no way you will get stuck there. Simply because, you are not traveling to the past with your body, in a time machine. 

Can you simplify Past Life Regression? 

A metaphor can be used to describe past life regression. 

Imagine yourself traveling in a train. You can only be in one coach at any point in time. You are not aware of what is happening in other coaches. Now, imagine that you have dozed off to sleep and you are having a dream. In this dream, you find yourself hovering far above the train, such that you can see the entire train. You can even see through the train at your sleeping body as well, as if through some magical vision. 

The act of relaxing your body puts you in a dreamy state, which all of us experience. In a regression session, the relaxation is controlled so that you are in between the wakeful and sleep states. This is essential to pass through the logical filters of the conscious mind and access the creative parts of the subconscious mind. 

The coach represents your current life time and that is the reality you remember in the wakeful state. All memory of other life times (or other coaches) is not accessible as that is the beauty of creation. Can you imagine waking up and remembering thousands of facts from other lifetimes, which may not be useful or relevant right now? 

In hovering above the coach, you are experiencing a state of timelessness - where the past, present and future are all accessible in the NOW. 

Based on what is useful to you at this point in your life, you may be shown a related lifetime from the past (or future - that is a story for another time). In the subconscious mind, there is no concept of time. Everything is current and live. So you can go down to a lifetime in 300 BC or 1500 AD, without much ‘thought’. Just like, swooping down to any coach you wish to visit in the moving train. 

Back to the question of being stuck, you are only accessing a memory from your mind. The body is not moving at all and is safe in the current life coach. 

Just like your dream feels real to you, your regression session feels like a real experience. You are not doubting your mind and just following what is being shown to you. It is your own experience and your own interpretation of the same. 

How do I know if I am making it up or it is for real? I would like to answer this question with another question. If you were given a creative writing assignment to talk about a past life, would your writing be as spontaneous, vivid and realistic? For most people, the answer would be a No. 

Even if you wore a skeptic’s hat, why not treat what you saw in the regression as a metaphor through which your mind is communicating with you. 

Just as you wake up from the dream, you will be brought back to conscious awareness by the therapist at the end of the session. 

How does regression help at all? 

Many people who have benefited from regression sessions say that the experience felt very real. One cannot deny their body shaking or tears rolling down their cheeks, as it happens in some cases. Even if it was just a dream, it was a dream that felt realistic. 

Regression is based on the concept of ‘Reliving is relieving’. By reviewing an experience that happened in the distant past, with the fresh eyes of your current lifetime, you may not be as affected by the drama. In fact, you may see how the same pattern is affecting you in this lifetime as well. This wisdom may result in you dropping the ‘fight’ and making a different choice this time, so the pattern is broken. For example, if you saw multiple lifetimes as an angry son who died of regret, you may choose to drop this anger towards your parents and make peace instead. 

Personally, the multiple regression sessions that I have experienced busted the idea of YOLO (you live only once and hence make the most of it) for me. It broadened the perspective of life and what is important in how we live each life. It helped me understand why Sanatana Dharma gives emphasis to karma (memory of all your actions, thoughts, feelings).

Clearly we don’t take back our material wealth or laurels into another lifetime. But we do take back memories, emotions, talents, wisdom and karma from one life to another. There is no hurry to achieve fame or conquer kingdoms in one lifetime. We get our share of glory and failures. We keep re-experiencing the same patterns until we learn our lessons. 

In a nutshell, you may choose to do Past Life Regression out of curiosity or as a way to heal. Either way, you will be brought back to the body in your current lifetime :)

If you are curious to experience a Past Life Regression session, contact us at

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