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Does death carry a message?

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Image by Pitsch from Pixabay

The past few months have been punctuated with news of death almost every week. I was getting overwhelmed by these untimely exits. I was trying to gather strength and hold the space for those who've lost their loved ones.

Interestingly, the book ‘Die Empty’ came my way. A grim title, but worth a read.

Death is a certainty. Use it as a reminder to unleash your best work everyday. This is the message of the book. Tibetan monks use death as a reminder to live the present fully.

I started experimenting with this idea. In a strange way, it worked for me.

I prayed that the ones who have departed have lived a fulfilling life. As for me, I discovered two questions that helped me.

Have I lived my life today the way I truly desire?

Would I make a different choice if I knew death is only a matter of time?

When something appeared risky and beyond my comfort zone, I would ask these two questions.

Writing on LinkedIn was one such fete. I stopped worrying about what others think. I only had to put my message out to the world. How it will be received or not, is not up to me. But that I shared it with the world mattered to me.

There is no point keeping your songs in your heart and not letting the world hear it.

Can you use the gloom around you as a guide to make choices?

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