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Do the stars compete?

As I looked up at the night sky, this question arose in my mind.

Few stars are young, few are old. There seems to be no hurry to finish the race.

They are not exchanging notes as to who is the biggest or brightest. Just shining on.

Every star has a unique point of view. If they looked at Earth, a different face would be visible, depending on where they are in space time.

And then I was reminded of the human race. Running faster, with little clue about what the race is about. No time to waste on rest.

Comparisons start at birth. It starts with weight, height and colour of the skin. Moves on to scores in exams. How many degrees we've under our belt. Who is earning more? Who has reached the peak? Whose children are faring better? And on it goes.

We use these narrow measuring scales for ourselves and sometimes we give power to others.

What would happen if we become like the stars?

Knowing that our life stories, our personalities, our values, our perspectives and our bodies are one of a kind in the Universe.

I reach this space of no competition for brief periods.

Where there is nothing to prove. Only letting my light shine on as the true leader of my life.

How would your life be if you lived it like a star in the sky?

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