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Client Story 3: Distance Healing

A mom called me about her infant who was born prematurely. She had developed a blood clot in her brain within 2 months of her birth. The doctors said there was no medicine for it. They would have to wait and watch what steps are to be taken. But the mom was searching for a solution. She was worried about the long term consequences of the clot, as described by the doctors, such as developmental delays.

I started channeling healing over the distance, as she lived in a different city. Within few sessions, I'd sensed that the clot was no longer an issue. But we waited for the scan results. In the first scan result, the doctor said the clot is not there and immediately corrected himself saying, it's there but has reduced significantly. I didn't focus my healing on the clot again. She had issues like colic, cold that I channeled healing for, in the subsequent period. Again within less than 2 months, the scan showed that there was no clot in the brain. Can you imagine the relief that this mom must have experienced? 😌

There was no faith on the part of the infant here. The mother was new to healing herself and had her share of doubts. This was such a tough period for her and finding this ray of hope really helped her sail through it. As a mom, I could feel her helplessness too. I'm glad she took that leap of faith. I've witnessed many such stories that can be called as miracles by Western medicine.

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