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Client Story 6: Chronic Pain

A reluctant client came with a complaint of chronic lower back pain. He had been having it for a few months now. His desk job and long commute did not help him get any better. Diet, stress and lack of exercises were not supporting him either.

Since his primary concern was pain relief, I worked on just that. After one session, he went home. I checked in on him after a few hours. He had to get up and sit down before he could confirm the pain had gone. Until then he had forgotten about the pain.

When he came in, the pain was all that he could think of. Once he was healed, that was nowhere in his mind or body. For him, it was nothing short of a miracle. I have seen such miracles many times now. It would be a surprise if it did not work.

Chronic pain is almost always rooted in some deep rooted emotion that has not been resolved. It has been brushed aside, for years. Modern lifestyle contributes to toxin build up in the body, making this pain chronic. Pain is the language being used by your body to tell you that you need to look into some emotion.

For a long term solution, it is important to become aware of the emotional issue and complement it with lifestyle changes.

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