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Client Story 7: Healing Animals

I was visiting a friend who lived in a University campus. She was particularly fond of one of the stray dogs living on the campus. This dog came to her house one morning with cuts on her face and bleeding. She had gotten into a brawl with the other pack of dogs. She went straight to my friend's bathroom and lay there all day in a state of shock and fear, refusing to eat or pee. Inspite of giving her first aid, my friend was worried about the dog.

I stood at a distance and channeled healing for a few minutes. To our surprise, the dog leapt on her feet, ran outside to the porch and peed. It was such a relief as my friend was worried about having a dog at home which was not responding to anything.

Animals are very responsive to energy healing as they don't have logical filters like humans, as to whether it works or not. They're willing to receive the healing. Remember, the worst case with energy healing is nothing changes. The best case is it works instantly.

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