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Client Story 5: During a medical emergency

A client had been having signs of gall bladder stones for some months. But he kept ignoring it. He was traveling to a small city in North India, when the pain became unbearable. He checked himself in at the local hospital late at night. They administered pain killers to manage his pain at night until the specialist doctor saw him the next morning.

Since it was a small city and there was no one to attend to him if he were to undergo treatment, he chose to return to Bangalore immediately. For this, he asked for Remote Healing. He wanted to travel by road and by flight for 10 hours, with no episode of pain. I channeled healing multiple times during this time.

He returned home safely and without any pain. Since he preferred alternative treatment, he started homoeopathic medicines the next day. I channeled healing for another week. He has been symptom free for over a year now.

This was an emergency situation. His choice of treatment was based on his positive experiences in the past. I wouldn't recommend healing as the only way during emergencies. In this case, it was used to alleviate pain and to give him emotional support. Things turned out well since his faith and will to return were high.

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