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Client Story 2: Overcoming grief

A year ago, a client brought her elderly mom. The mom had lost her son to cancer and she had not grieved for a month. It was all bottled up. Not a drop of tear was shed. She had stopped talking to her daughter as well. Her appetite had reduced. She was a very spiritual person herself but this kind of stoic silence was not helping her.

The daughter brought the mom to me for a session. Knowing her condition, I knew talking wouldn't help. I only did gentle touch healing for an hour. The lady slept through most of it. She said she felt relaxed and left.

Within a day of the therapy, the lady had started talking to her daughter. She was expressing her emotions and speaking her heart out. That was all that the daughter wanted. To be able to have her mom back. The mom was now handling the grief better than anyone could have imagined.

In this case, the daughter had done her research and took a leap of faith. The mom didn't have a clue about what to expect. She didn't have to speak or listen or have faith. Yet, the process worked.

I was only a catalyst for the change the mom needed. Her spiritual work helped her tide through the rest.

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