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Client Story 1: Remote Viewing

I've been working with Reiki for over 2 decades now. I started teaching Reiki 5 years ago. One of the possibilities with Reiki is that we can diagnose and heal over the distance. It doesn't matter in which part of the world the person is in. All I need is their name and the consent of the person or their family.

Few months ago, a client of mine wanted a reading for her grandmother. She was feeling breathless and got pain everytime she ate. The doctor suggested an angio be done. The client wanted a remote reading done.

My diagnosis said there was nothing wrong with the heart. She had some trouble with her intestine. I suggested they take a second opinion. When they did see another doctor, it was confirmed that the lady had intestinal sensitivity. The specialist put her on medicines and she was fine within a week.

For some it maybe hard to believe. But this isn't an isolated story. There's no faith involved here. It also shows that Alternative healing can go hand in hand with Western medicine.

For me, it's the sense of clarity that the family was able to get in an emergency situation that mattered the most. Imagine running from pillar to post for a diagnosis while the person is suffering. A lot of that pain and noise can be avoided with Remote Viewing.

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