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Client Speak

Executive Coaching

I've had the opportunity of having multiple coaching sessions with Thejasvi and she has demonstrated a consistent ability to listen and facilitate clarity regarding what I'm seeking. She ensures that I take ownership of the way forward and never imposes her viewpoint in any way. I've always walked away from every conversation with a much better understanding of what could be holding me back from my goals and also with a deeper understanding of what i could do to move forward. She has a comforting presence that allows me to share and explore my current reality without a feeling of judgement. Regardless of what I bring into the discussion she gives every matter the same level of attention and dedication. It is this non-judgmental and engaging presence, which facilitates great conversations and facilitates personal insights. Her experience with alternate counselling methods has added great value to her overall presence and to her ability to have engaging conversations

Raj, Senior HR Leader

Leadership Coaching

I feel awed by her level of patience and how she actually heard those keywords that led her to decide what I need to be coached about when I myself was overwhelmed with myriad of things... Her entire style where she was just the catalyst in the process with minimal involvement and how an individual is made aware of parts of their personality by themselves set it (the coaching session) apart. :) I really benefited from her session.

Sanchita, Businesswoman

Leadership Coaching

During those four coaching sessions, I was speaking about my personal and professional life as if I`m speaking to myself. With Thej, it was really comfortable I felt that I’m in my comfort zone. Through the assessments I did, she made me understand my weaknesses, strengths and values and how to focus on my strengths. I learned new techniques and skills for example: responding to feedback, focusing on growth mindset and communication with colleagues and my manager. Moreover, she reminded me on writing personal goals as I was only focusing on professional goals. It was an interesting and helpful experience with Thej and I would thank her for all the support and advices she gave me.  

Haya, Lebanon

Leadership Coaching

Thejasvi was my coach for around 3 months... This is the first time I consulted with a coach, and I must say Thejasvi made it a lot easier for me to open up as a beginner. She is a kind soul, non-judgemental, an excellent listener, and an awesome mentor. I loved how Thejasvi would analyze each of my situations and made me find out answers to those circumstances. She also used some tools and methods to seek the deepest of my thoughts, which has later helped me reorganize my life, career, and future. I feel a lot more confident about myself after I have tried to view my problems through Thejasvi's eyes. Thank you Thejasvi for the warm and welcoming talks. I am confident she will be an excellent coach for anyone seeking help and guidance. Wish you all the very best!

Sumaiya, Bangladesh

Executive Coaching

After completing couple of months of coaching engagement with her, I found her to be soft spoken & trustworthy. She created an environment to discuss various topics. Her questioning & probing skills helped me introspect and untangle my thoughts. She enabled me to think through and resolve issues which though critical where lingering for some time. I must say that in a short span of time, I have achieved a lot. Thank You Thejasvi! I would recommend her as a coach to anyone looking help through coaching!

Santosh Kumar, R&D Director

Distance Healing

I was going through testing times with my newborn preterm baby. My 2 month old baby developed a small clot in her brain. I was emotionally very down at that moment and was desperately thinking about what can I do to make things better. That is exactly when I saw a FB post from Thejasvi about Reiki distance healing. Within a few minutes, I texted her and the next day I spoke to her. She assured me that kids receive healing very well and that distance healing can be done. Since then the clot size has reduced significantly. Baby's health is good. Whenever I sense any health problem, I get in touch with Thejasvi. She is quick to respond and send Reiki. Not just this, she has been of great help when I need emotional support. Thank you so much for all your help and support for my daughter.

Deepti, Entrepreneur

Reiki Class

An experience like no other. I could feel energies around me more clearly for the first time. Both Teju & Niveditha made me really comfortable and somehow the calling to learn Reiki from a very long time came to life with both of them. I would now like to practice it more often and see how it changes my life and life of people around me. Coming back to learn the other levels for sure. Thank you so much for opening up my mind and energy of life!

Nisha, Entrepreneur

Stress reduction program

I recently attended the Week long Whatsapp program ... The communication was very clear and concepts have been explained very well. I am benefiting a lot from these...I have seen significant reduction in my stress and anxiety levels.

Vikas, Global R&D Head

Yoga Class

In the last 2 years (of learning Yoga with Niveditha), my health has improved considerably . My backpain is gone. The constant pain in my legs and feet is almost forgotten. I enjoy the meditation sessions with her the most. I have become more positive, happier and grateful.

Kanchana, former Banker and Entrepreneur

2 Day Retreat

(At the Retreat) I felt truly empowered as I felt in harmony with everyone and everything around, through the various activities and tools... The overnight camping amidst nature was one exhilarating experience... in all, I let go and became a child all over again.

Madhwesh, Supply Chain Manager

Healing Animals

Thejasvi seems to have a magical capacity to work with animals. It comes easily and naturally to her. I had a street dog at that time that had come in for refuge because it had been badly attacked by some other strays. She was bleeding but had somehow made her way into the bathroom and had stayed there all night. She could not / would not get up and move out. By the next day the bleeding had stopped but she was in shock and would not get up. I had been worried about what to do with her and how to help her since I was not used to having a dog inside my house. I stayed at home all day not knowing if I could leave the dog alone in my house and go out. Coincidentally that was the day that Thejasvi happened to visit me in the evening. When I told her about the dog, she stood at the door of the bathroom and started healing the dog from a distance. The dog started relaxing and after about half an hour or 45 minutes (I'm not sure of the time) she jumped out and ran to the garden and peed. We were all so delighted to see that amazing recovery.

Dr Ramya, IIMB Faculty

Reiki Class

Awesome experience. Enjoyed the feeling of energy. Too good. You are a wonderful facilitator. Definitely the kind I am looking for. Yes, definitely will come back for more levels

Sabitha, Homemaker

Whatsapp course

The Happy Circles' programme on Whatsapp is short, but deeply affirming. The experience of the programme has much to do with Thejasvi and Niveditha's deft handling of the medium of Whatsapp, supporting and encouraging us while carefully circumventing its ever-presence... What make the tools magical is that they are simple, easy to use anywhere, and consist of an activity with a small learning curve, making you eager to try them out... I now use many of the tools every day, quite simply because they are easy to use, and ... they work. They don't feel like another item on my to-do list, they really do make me feel lighter. More cheerful. And for this reason alone, I encourage everyone reading this to try it. A single week of this seemingly simple Whatsapp group and you will certainly feel different in a good way - even if, like me, you are unable to explain why.

Pooja, Architect

Space Clearing

I always wanted to get the energy levels of our house checked... Thejasvi was very patient and attentive to our requirements... She gave me the correct analysis and answers.

Ravel Vinayak, Entrepreneur

Energy Healing

I received a Symphony session with Thejasvi. During the session, I could feel the flow of the energy in my body. After the session I was feeling light and energetic. I will be going back to her soon for a Bars session.

Vinayak, Entrepreneur


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