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Space clearing

Most of us spend a lot of time at home and at office. There is constant energy flow between us and the spaces we move in. This affects our mental and physical well being. Just as we physically clean our homes everyday, it is important to energetically cleanse our homes too. It is not only the people who live in the house, but visitors contribute to the energies of the house. 

If you have your own office space, then it would contribute to your business growth as well. 

We assess the energies of the spaces and offer distant clearing sessions for your homes and offices. Along with this, we share practical tips that you can do by yourself to create high energy spaces. 

Mode of Delivery: Distant sessions

Duration: Half hour sessions 

I always wanted to get the energy levels of our house checked... Thejasvi was very patient and attentive to our requirements... She gave me the correct analysis and answers.

- Vinayak

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