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Retreats have become more common in today's stress filled world. More and more people are taking short periods of break to rest, rejuvenate, learn and grow. It is best done with a like minded community. 

Our healing retreats are designed to:

1. take you closer to nature as She is the best healer;

2. offer a safe space where you can heal, release and rest

3. equip you with pragmatic tools which you can incorporate into your daily life.

For those who are new to energy work, it is a great way to get introduced to the world of healing as one can experience healing sessions during the retreat. Remember, it is all about letting go and rediscovering joy. 

Apart from retreats that are offered regularly, we also tailor it to the needs of specific teams or organisation. 

Duration: 1 day or Overnight

The retreat was a wonderfully facilitated program! Every experience was new to me, be it camping or the learning tools! After the Bars session, I could feel my thoughts being frozen and I was engrossed in the activities completely. (Even now, in) every situation I try to apply the tools and see the difference in my thought process and possibilities opening up. Thank you Niveditha and team.

- Santosh Lakshmi

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