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Distance healing

We have heard that it is a connected Universe. In the absence of direct experience of what this means, we tend to dismiss this possibility. 

As we explore energy modalities, we start experiencing this unity. We can send healing energies over a distance to a person, space or animal located in any place on this Earth. We use combination of different modalities such as Reiki, Symphony sessions by Access and others to suit the needs of the client. These energies from the Higher Consciousness and hence always positive. 

This energetic shift creates changes in various dimensions of life such as physical issues, financial constraints, relationship problems and mental illnesses. 

Mode of Delivery: Distance sessions

Duration: Half hour sessions 

I received a Symphony session with Thejasvi. During the session, I could feel the flow of the energy in my body. After the session I was feeling light and energetic. I will be going back to her soon for a Bars session. 

- Vinayak

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