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Access Bars ®

Access Bars ® is a tool of Access Consciousness, founded by Gary Douglas. It is a gentle hands-on modality, in which 32 points on the head are touched lightly. This unlocks thoughts, beliefs, decisions, ideas which are the source for stress and limitations in our life. People who have had 'their bars run' have reported shift in many of these conditions - such as depression, anxiety, fear, stress, discord, money issues and illnesses. 

As you begin to unlock the electro-magnetic charge locked up around thoughts, feelings and emotions, you could start living a life that is full of possibilities. 

When you receive a Bars session, at worst, you could feel like you have had a great head massage and at best, your whole life could change. 

You can sign up for in person Bars sessions with us, which could range between half hour to over an hour for a session.

We also teach this internationally certified course to those interested in learning themselves. It takes just a day to learn this fun tool yourself and start practising. 


Mode of delivery: In person


Duration: 8 hours (One Day) for the Class |  0.5 to > 1 Hour for the session

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