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7 Daily Habits for a Stress free life

Stress has become an integral part of our lives. It is assumed that one has to live with it. Stress is the root cause of many diseases. Then why don't we take action to overcome it? 

We designed a week long Whatsapp program for working professionals. Everyday, we share a simple and pragmatic tool in this temporary group. The tools can be practised for life and are effective in keeping stress out of your life. It is non intrusive and self paced learning. Learning with a group of people can inspire you, even as the members share their questions, experiences and doubts. 

Mode of Delivery: Whatsapp group

Duration: 7 Days 

The Happy Circles' Daily Habits programme on Whatsapp is short, but deeply affirming. The experience of the Daily Habits programme has much to do with Thejasvi and Niveditha's deft handling of the medium of Whatsapp, supporting and encouraging us while carefully circumventing its ever-presence...  

What make the tools magical is that they are simple, easy to use anywhere, and consist of an activity with a small learning curve, making you eager to try them out... 

I now use many of the tools every day, quite simply because they are easy to use, and ... they work. They don't feel like another item on my to-do list, they really do make me feel lighter. More cheerful. And for this reason alone, I encourage everyone reading this to try it. A single week of this seemingly simple Whatsapp group and you will certainly feel different in a good way - even if, like me, you are unable to explain why.

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