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Wellness & Coaching

Do you find yourself telling stories in your mind,

that limit you?

Is it time to change that?

At Being Light, we play the role of a catalyst in your Self Mastery journey so that you can

Be the Light and shine in this world. 

Get coached, learn time tested tools, experience

high impact transformation with trained Coaches and Mindfulness experts. 

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Our Services

Our Services


Executive Coaching

"..(Thejasvi) has demonstrated a consistent ability to listen and facilitate clarity regarding what I'm seeking... She has a comforting presence that allows me to share and explore my current reality without a feeling of judgement..."

- Raj, Senior HR Leader



One on one conversations that lead to insights, action plans and high impact transformation



Learning programs that offer effective tools that lead to Self Mastery



One on one energy healing sessions for

physical and mental wellbeing

Success Stories

Distance healing

A mom called us about her infant who was born prematurely. She had developed a blood clot in her brain within 2 months of her birth. The doctors said there was no medicine for it. They would have to wait and watch what steps are to be taken. But the mom was searching for a solution. She was worried about the long term consequences of the clot, as described by the doctors, such as developmental delays.

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