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Being Light ®

Coaching and Wellness

How do I grow in my life with a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, purpose and meaning?

If you are seeking answers and a credible partner to help you on this inner journey, you have arrived at the right place. 

At Being Light ®, we play the role of a catalyst in your Self Mastery journey so that

you can Be the Light and shine in this world

Get coached, learn time tested tools, experience high impact transformation

with trained Coaches and Mindfulness experts. 

Our Services

Our Services


Executive Coaching

She is a kind soul, non-judgemental, an excellent listener, and an awesome mentor. I loved how Thejasvi would analyze each of my situations and made me find out answers to those circumstances. She ... helped me reorganize my life, career, and future. I feel a lot more confident about myself after I have tried to view my problems through Thejasvi's eyes

- Sumaiya, Bangladesh



One on one conversations that lead to insights, action plans and high impact transformation



Learning programs that offer effective tools that lead to Self Mastery



One on one energy healing sessions for

physical and mental wellbeing

Success Stories

Image by Fé Ngô

Distance healing

A mom called us about her infant who was born prematurely. She had developed a blood clot in her brain within 2 months of her birth. The doctors said there was no medicine for it. They would have to wait and watch what steps are to be taken. But the mom was searching for a solution. She was worried about the long term consequences of the clot, as described by the doctors, such as developmental delays.

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