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Being Light ® Coaching

Unleash the power of your

Inner Being to flourish in your life  


"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

Carl Jung

Why choose 
Being Light ® 

Being Light Coaching provides you with not just a trained Coach, but a credible partner and a cheerleader who integrates a decade of experience in the corporate world and training in mindfulness practices. 

A proven track record of partnering with clients to help them flourish in their careers and enhance their emotional well-being.

  • 5 years of experience with 100+ leaders and entrepreneurs from around the globe

  • Credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (USA) - the gold standard in coach credentialing

  • More than 600 hours of coaching 

  • A decade of corporate experience with the Tata group, leading top tea brands and sales teams to success as a Sales and Marketing professional

  • Alumna of Tata Administrative Services, Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore), VTU (Electronics & Communication Engineering) 

  • Certified Yoga Instructor (S-VYASA, Bangalore)

  • Reiki Grandmaster, EFT Practitioner, Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapist, Akashic Record Reader


Growth mindset

Adopt a mindset of continuous unlearning, learning to grow in your life and experience greater degree of freedom

Multi-dimensional being

Learn to work with multiple planes of human existence (physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual and spiritual) to transform your life

Ancient wisdom

Harness the power of evidence based tools from ancient wisdom traditions, to enhance your inner well-being

Client Testimonials

Software Engineer, USA

Changed outlook to growth mindset from fixed mindset. Showed me possibilities/avenues of converting aspirations to actions. Calm, responded to the situation. Nudged me to come up with a solution which I would fully accept when presented with an obstacle I was having at the time.

Andrea Drury, L&D Leader

Through Thejasvi's grounding presence and combination of support and challenge during four focused coaching sessions, I developed a clearer understanding of how I want to show up for job interviews as well as practical tools to help bring the best of myself to them.

Sanchita, Businesswoman

Her entire style where she was just the catalyst in the process with minimal involvement and how an individual is made aware of parts of their personality by themselves set it (the coaching session) apart. :) I really benefited from her session.

Santosh, R&D Director

I found her to be soft spoken & trustworthy. She created an environment to discuss various topics. Her questioning & probing skills helped me introspect and untangle my thoughts. She enabled me to think through and resolve issues which though critical where lingering for some time. I must say that in a short span of time, I have achieved a lot.

Sunitha, Netherlands

I noticed a huge change in my attitude/ approach towards my life. I started accepting things as it is, even if it doesn't go how you wanted to be as you are sure to get an experience (potive/negative) out of it which contrubutes to your personal growth. The Holistic approach matched exactly to my personality. I am so glad I choose her to be my mentor.

Sumaiya, Bangladesh

She is a kind soul, non-judgmental, an excellent listener, and an awesome mentor. I loved how Thejasvi would analyze each of my situations and made me find out answers to those circumstances. She also used some tools and methods to seek the deepest of my thoughts, which has later helped me reorganize my life, career, and future. I feel a lot more confident about myself after I have tried to view my problems through Thejasvi's eyes.

Haya Rawi, Lebanon

With Thej, it was really comfortable I felt that I’m in my comfort zone. Through the assessments I did, she made me understand my weaknesses, strengths and values and how to focus on my strengths. I learned new techniques and skills for example: responding to feedback, focusing on growth mindset and communication with colleagues and my manager.

ST, Singapore

You’ve been absolutely amazing in the last 6 months of coaching we had. It’s definitely one of the greatest highlight of the year for me, and anybody that has you as a coach is so so lucky! I would love to share the 5 areas you’ve provided me absolute growth: for providing peace in sharing my issues, and to provide valuable advice into dealing with difficult situations at work...for letting me explore my inner child, and to work on aspect that constantly impact me...for providing me tips that are actionable and easily implementable....for always being clear and calm. Your calmness provided me a lot of comfort in my growth and journey...for showing how a good role model is like. The experiences you shared with me have always been a good reference point for me...for being such a good coach and partner in my professional growth. I’ve grown a lot, moving to the next rank, handling bigger conversations. I couldn’t have done it without your great coaching.

Raj, Senior HR leader

I've always walked away from every conversation with a much better understanding of what could be holding me back from my goals and also with a deeper understanding of what i could do to move forward. She has a comforting presence that allows me to share and explore my current reality without a feeling of judgement. Her experience with alternate counselling methods has added great value to her overall presence and to her ability to have engaging conversations

SN, Indonesia

Btw just wanna send you this email to let you know that I'm thankful to have sessions with you, especially during my lowest personal moment in life… I can't say now im 100% good - but im in a much better position right now. Much better and i hope i keep getting better for myself. Thank you so much Tej - cant express my gratitude but I want you to know that what you did really meaningful for me and touching my life. Hope our path will cross again someday. God bless you Tej!

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